This service involves the construction in acrylic to lengthen and cure the bitten nails. It is a laborious technique and needs more time since it is constructed in a nail without a proper base (or barely with a base). We recommend doing this treatment a minimum of 3 months to stop biting your nails and get a longer nail.
The treatment ends with a pleasant massage with ultra-moisturizing cream and/or oil from our exclusive brands CND and OPI. Enhance the beauty of your hands!
This service does not include nail varnish; it can be ordered separately.



Advantages of acrylic nails
– They are very resistant, especially if applied by a professional. They last several weeks.
– Because of their hardness, they are suitable for bitten nails in case you want to get rid of that habit. They can be applied even on extremely short nails.
– If a nail is broken, the acrylic is easy to file at home until you can come back to our beauty salon.
– They are easy to extract by a professional, soaking the nails and then filing to extract all the material from the nail.