Facial hygiene


A beautiful skin starts with a healthy skin. To achieve a healthy bright skin even before applying any treatment, it is necessary to carry out a good facial hygiene, to hydrate the skin and eliminate impurities. In addition to hygiene, there are several reasons why the skin should be kept clean as external agents and pollution can damage the skin. When the skin is dirty the pore tends to open and therefore, the external agents invade it. This can create aesthetic problems such as acne, dehydration and loss of luminosity. A good facial hygiene with Esthederm and Mesoestetic products will optimize the effect of the products in our beauty routine. It is important to clean the face in the morning and at night, in the morning we remove the dead cells resulting from the renewal of the skin while at night we remove the makeup and dirt produced by external agents. This treatment is indicated for any skin type and it is recommended to do it every three or four weeks.

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