Intensive Propolis Treatment Institut Esthederm


Indicated for acne and skin blemishes

The Intensive Propolis products purifies and controls the skin’s blemishes. Treats in depth acne problems, smooths the skin texture caused by the appearance of pores, small cysts or excess sebum. This treatment helps your skin control acne problems and skin blemishes immediately. The use of propolis in this treatment acts as a “natural antibiotic” capable of eliminating acne due to its bactericidal properties. A complete shock treatment for skins with skin blemishes and tendency to have acne. To achieve a cleaner skin and increase the results of Institut Esthederm’s deep purifying and normalizing facial treatment, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin two or three times a week.
Start to show a clearer, healthier and purified skin and make acne and skin blemishes stop being a problem!

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