Luxury New Acrilic


This special treatment will allow you to have incredible long nails with an extra-long and super resistant extension. The sculpted nails fit perfectly as it is moulded specifically for each type of nail.
In this case, an extension to the natural nail is applied differently. Acrylic nails are very resistant and can be applied on extremely short nails. They also allow you to apply the desired length (longer in this case) with different and bright designs and colours that will enhance the beauty of your hands.

The treatment ends with a pleasant massage with ultra-moisturizing cream and/or oil from our exclusive brands CND and OPI. Boost the beauty of your hands!

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Benefits of acrylic nails
– They are very resistant, especially if applied by a professional. They last several weeks.
– Because of their hardness, they are suitable for bitten nails in case you want to get rid of that habit. They can be applied even on extremely short nails.
– If a nail is broken, the acrylic is easy to file at home until you can come back to our beauty salon.
– They are easy to extract by a professional, soaking the nails and then filing to extract all the material from the nail.