Reaction™ by Viora


Would you like to have a brighter and toned skin? Do you want to reduce the double chin and smooth the wrinkles?
Reaction™ has been specially designed to apply non-invasive treatments of cellulite and circumference reduction, facial and body treatments of stretching and toning of the skin. This radiofrequency technique can be applied in treatment of the face, neck and décolleté.
Thanks to the CORE technology, Reaction ™ leaves your skin bright and toned; a revolution that uses three levels of radiofrequency energy, which can be used individually or simultaneously.



The different frequencies (2.45 MHz, 1.7 MHz and 0.8 MHz) allow to work with different degrees of penetration (between 4 mm and 12 mm depth) and optimize the thermal effect in each of the layers of the skin, ensuring great precision and flexibility in the treatment. The exclusive mechanism of Reaction ™ also combines vacuum therapy (suction) for cellulite and circumference reduction treatments, ensuring greater heat penetration. The four levels of vacuum offered increase the blood flow of the treated area and stimulate lymphatic drainage which contributes to the stimulation of the metabolism of the fat cells and to the decrease of their volume.
This, results in a firmer, more elastic skin without the need to use local anesthesia or previous or subsequent preparations.
Reaction has been endorsed by renowned professionals in aesthetic medicine and is currently distributed in more than 50 countries.
Ask for the price according to areas to be treated.