Sculpting new gel nails with extension


Gel nails are not as hard and robust as the acrylic nails, that’s why they look more natural. To sculpt the gel nails, the natural nail is cut flush and then we apply a layer of resin or other thin material that can be used as a base for the gel nail (with an extension), which is totally odorless. You will wear perfect nails for a longer period with a brilliant result.

The treatment ends with a pleasant massage with ultra-moisturizing cream and/or oil from our exclusive brands CND and OPI. Boost the beauty of your hands!
Nail varnish must be ordered separately.

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At Beauty Nail Concept we have extensive experience in gel and acrylic nails. Choosing one of these options is a way to have perfect nails for a longer period than with conventional manicures, especially if combined with semi-permanent nail varnish.
The main advantage of gel nails is that it looks very similar to the natural nail and allows to wear nails of any colour, length according to the natural nail and shape, in addition to sculpting all kinds of decorations.
Acrylic nails are very resistant and can be applied on extremely short nails. They also allow you to apply the desired length with different bright designs and colours that will enhance the beauty of your hands.