Shellac Russian Pedicure


A complete treatment characterized by an extensive cleaning of the surface of the nails, the cuticles and the skin that surrounds them with an electric nail shaper and different types of drills depending on each customer; including a meticulous and precise nail varnish application. In this pedicure we apply Shellac nail varnish that will give you an impeccable long-lasting shine in your nails.
The Russian or hardware pedicure guarantees an incredible result for more than three weeks. The performance of this technique requires additional time for our specialists. It should be noted that throughout the process we use sterilized bags for our utensils.
The treatment ends with a pleasant massage with ultra-moisturizing cream and/or oil from our exclusive brands CND and OPI. The feet will look fresh and perfect!

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Do you know what the Russian pedicure is?

It is a new beauty technique inspired by the pedicure of Russian women who have been using it for decades. In our center is one of the most requested and successful pedicures. The difference between a Russian pedicure and another type of pedicure is that the Russian pedicure delicately takes extra care when treating the cuticle area. To perform this service, it is used an electric nail shaper with different types of drills depending on the state of the cuticle of each client. However, it must be taken into account that the execution of this specific technique of pedicure and nail varnish requires an additional time of work for the specialist.